Pete Beat is an adventurer in the space of all possible sounds, seeking out funky beats and sweet harmonies wherever they may be found, regardless of danger to his person.

The Strange Museum is my 4th album, and tells a story I haven’t talked openly about before.

I have in my life suffered two psychotic episodes, one in 2008, and one in 2010. The second resulted in me being detained against my will (aka “sectioned”) in a psychiatric hospital for 3 months, and being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

This album is based around those experiences. The cover artwork is my reimagining of the psychiatric hospital I was in, in the magical style of the bathhouse from the movie Spirited Away.

I want to tell people how the creative pursuit of writing and recording songs has helped me recover from schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. It’s also a story of hope that even if things are bad, they can and will get better.

I have no symptoms now, and other than a bit of tiredness and weight gain from the medication, I’m all well. So if you’ve just been diagnosed, don’t despair!

And, if you’re not in a place to be doing something creative right now, don’t feel bad. Sometimes you just have to hang on, and do what you can.

I’m going to share some posts on Tiktok and Instagram talking about my experiences in more detail, so follow me there.

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My other music and videos

My last three albums are all available on Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Music, Apple Music and all the other usual places. You can also check out some of the animated music videos I’ve made on my YouTube channel.

I’ve had music played on BBC 6Music amongst other stations.

“Pete Beat made the most charming record of last week, if not the entire year”


“What his bio doesn’t tell you is that Pete is a songwriting genius.”


Made to order vinyl

I will be getting a run of lathe-cut vinyl made of the new album – I’m only getting the number cut that are pre-ordered, there won’t be any additional stock, so if you would like one, please order from Bandcamp before ###DATE### here. After this date, there won’t be any more!

Order vinyl – only available until ###DATE###

If you order the vinyl you’ll also get the digital album for streaming/download included for listening on release day.

The launch event

I’m doing my first proper launch event for this album – it is a fundraiser night in Gateshead with all profits going to the CALM charity. For the very reasonable entry fee you will get:

  • A nice hot pie sourced from a local craft supplier
  • A folk music session from The Silver Hillbillies featuring some Scottish and Irish folk songs with vocal harmonies, plus some modern day numbers
  • An acoustic “album launch” session from me, Pete Beat
  • A mix of disco (and not disco) tracks, mixed by me to round out the evening
  • Access to the bar which sells an extensive range of craft beers and other lovely drinks

All this for the low, low price of £5, in the cool, intimate little venue Pedalling Squares, Swalwell, on ###DATE###.

Act now as capacity of this venue is strictly limited!