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Don’t give in to it
Though your body burns
And the appetite’s lit
And your stomach churns

If you see her face
When your eyes are shut
And drift to a place
You feel in your gut

You’re falling, and falling in love
Can shockingly cut

When you were with her
In the moment was fine
But now you’re alone
You dream and you pine

You’re drinking, and love drunk is worse
Than from any strong wine

Br1. She was just pretty and kind
Now this lust boggles my mind
Can I trust it when
It’s not easy
It’s never easy
To get back to a clear head
To walk away from all the things you said

Don’t rewrite the script
Of your future life
The fabric is ripped
Now she is your wife

Your falling, and falling in love
Can twist like a knife

Br2. Back to the everyday
But to the dullish grey
Back to it anyway
Back to the solitude
That made me so hungry for her

You known its name’s “falling”
But it’s calling you down all the same

Yes “fallen” is it name but you’ve
Fallen for her all the same


Capo 2

E B7/F# E/G# B7

E B7/F# E/G# B7
A Abm7(add13) x2
All x2 in verse 1

E B9
E B7/F#

Bridge 1
Em7 F#m7(add11) G#m7(add13)
Am(add9) G#m7(add13)
F#m7(#5) B9
E B7/F# E/G# B7

Bridge 2
Abm7(add13) E(add9#5) Bdim7
F#m7 B9
E B7/F# E/G# B7

E B9

A9sus4 x75700
Bsus4(add11) x97900
C#7sus4(#9) xB9B00
Am(add9) xCAC00

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