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The cold orange light
Of a dark, foggy night
Walk past the houses
Where fires burn bright
Will I ever feel better?
Well someday I might

I could not speak
The body was weak
The mind willing on
But the man was too meek
I followed my heart, where it went
But life now seems spent

And all the people knew,
They knew
They could see me try to talk to you
But the words I said
Were not what was in my head
I did what I did for a reason
I did it for you

The dreams, they throng
Born of stories and songs
I was in love
But the hope was wrong
A fantasy leaks into life
If dreamed of too long

And oh, aye
There’s people looked down their nose at me
And oh, aye
They looked and said no, it could not be
Oh aye
Oh aye

It burns, oh the shame
When they all say your name
And talk of your love
No I’d never want fame
But there’s only one man
I must take the blame

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