Nothing Is Perfect – Track 6 – My Dear Sir

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My dear sir
I still want her
And I must contest
Her affection

We both know
That one must go
And I would be
Her selection

Ch. Don’t know what
You fought for her for
You won the war
Then walked out the door

My good man
You call me shan
For protection

Said in vain
For no real gain


Bridge. A bank holiday
I love her so
Let us run away
I bid we go
But love and hope just to elope
Came sliding, dashing, down a crumbling slope

A lonely boy
Whose heart, your toy
Walks lonely through
The civil twilight

At least I knew
The grey from blue
Suppose it’s something
Of a highlight



C G C G x2

C G C G x2
Fmaj7 G6 C C/B Am
Em G

Dm7 Bo7 Em7 Am7
Dm7 C#m7 Cm7 G7

Fmaj7 G6 C C/B Am x2
Dm7 F/G

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