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Do you want me to do anything
Then nothing is what I’ll do
Maybe I will ask about it
In a month or two
But you’re on your own love
You’re on your own pet
Ill equipped
Escape to forget

So you’re full of fear and out of strength
And battling with your mental health
Well maybe I will text again
When you have fixed yourself
Cos you’re on your own, love
Let me make it stark
Ill equipped and
Afraid in the dark

I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you
Though that was never in doubt
And gives you nowt
That is all you’ll get from me

When the tables turn and I’m in need
I note you fail to find the deed
And softly spoken gentle words
To put my mind at ease
When I’m on my own love
And the end is nigh
Ill equipped
And afraid to die

I’ll give no ideas
I can’t face your fears
And I
Cannot view
The news it is
Coddled and warm
Keeping the storm
At bay
But we all face
Our own dark place
One day


A E/G# A E/G#
Dmaj7 Dm(maj7) A Bm7 E
A E/G#

B section
E A E/B A/C#
D A E Bdim7 (?)
A E/G#

C section
A E/G# A E/G#
A E/G#
All x2

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