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I love her: true. She loves me: false
She won’t even enter the waltz, with me
That is the fact, the end of the tale
No withering wanks, sad, lonely and pale
She was my synapses, sparking my song, my art
I loved that girl, from the bottom, of this breaking heart

I try to forget, when the evenings come
I puffed on a reefer, I sipped on a rum, so sweet
But the swirl in the glass as the end draws near
Reminded me only of her curving rear, so plum
She was my neurons, firing and lit, my treat
I loved that girl, from her head down to her bum

Sitting alone
Always on my own
Maybe that’s why my mind kept playing tricks on me
Maybe that’s why my mind kept playing tricks on me
My mind kept playing tricks on me

I love her, yes. But I can choose not
What another feels, is no-one’s lot, to pick
I will not speak, now she told me no
The pain that I feel, she’ll never ken, it so
She was my sinews, straining for grit, to start
I loved that girl from the bottom of this breaking heart


Capo 4

A F#m9 E A x2
A7/G D Dm A E A

Middle 8
A F#m9 E E7/D x2
D6 Bm7 E E7/D x2
Bm7 Bm7b5 E E/D E/C# E/B

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