The first track from the album, I wrote this one in 2015…

Made a lego-esque video for it!

And if you want audio only, it’s here:

Free download of the track here:  mp3  WAV


Will we be rich? You never know
I don’t want to dream about it
Have twenty hits? You never know
I don’t want to scheme about it
I just want to play my music
I love it, don’t want to lose it

Oh, it’s funny
Don’t need fame, just a bit of money

We’ll storm the charts. You never know
Maybe if our songs are better
Break pretty girls’ hearts
She might break yours if you let her
I just want to sing my songs
When I play guitar, nothing’s wrong

Oh, it’s funny…

A great big house? You never know
Thirty rooms to fill with jewels
Glamorous spouse? You never know
The envy of all shallow fools
I just want sweet harmony
Where nothing can do harm to me

Oh, it’s funny …

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