Pete Beat – The Rat Race – Day 3 / 6

Thanks for joining me, first up drink and then tabs!

Track 05: The Hangover

Have you ever drank a little too much, or a massive lot too much? If yes, then maybe this is the song for you… written when I had a massive hangover!

You can hear the track here:

Pete Beat – The Hangover

Lyrics and chords are here.

Track 06: The Love for a Tab

‘Tabs’ is a Geordie word for cigarettes. If you didn’t kna, now ya kna, kid.

Have a listen to the track:

Pete Beat – The Love for a Tab

Lyrics and chords are here.

A Little Bonus…

There’s no acoustic performance of either of these tracks, but here’s a little video showing how to play one of the tracks from yesterday, Fear Of The Public Square. You’ll have the outline sheet music from yesterday, this shows some of the unusual chords.

That was day 3, we’re halfway through…

Let me know your thoughts so far in the comments below, would love to hear from you 🧡

Tomorrow’s subjects are unrequited love (and the dangers of positive thinking), plus the title track from the album. These are two of my favourites both recorded and to play live, so it’s a good day tomorrow.

Download links:

Small print

The Rat Race album – written and produced by Pete Beat. Performed by Pete Beat except electric guitar on Talent, some guitars on Cover That Arse (both by Craig McDearmid) and bass on Fear Of The Public Square (by Jez Stephenson). Professional videos produced, directed, animated and edited by Railinz for Farfetched productions.

© 2019 Pete Beat. All Rights Reserved.

Cover artwork based on photo Factory by Joost Markernink licensed under the Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution.