Pete Beat – The Rat Race – Day 4 / 6

Thanks for coming along, here we talk about unrequited love, and working for things you don’t need on the album’s title track!

Track 07: I Love Her So

A song about unrequited love, that most painful of subjects… this is my favourite track on the album in terms of harmony, and I love doing this one live (on guitar).

You can hear the track here:

Pete Beat – I Love Her So

Lyrics and chords are here.

A little live performance of me playing it on the keyboard.

Track 08: The Rat Race

The title track of the album, a song about working for stuff you divven’t need.

Have a listen to the track:

Pete Beat – The Rat Race

Lyrics and chords are here.

Day four is done…

Let me know your thoughts so far in the comments below, would love to hear from you 🧡

Tomorrow we are back to the subject of heartbreak, and also using drugs to deal with heartbreak. Jolly tunes – really. They’re happy in the end, I promise!

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Small print

The Rat Race album – written and produced by Pete Beat. Performed by Pete Beat except electric guitar on Talent, some guitars on Cover That Arse (both by Craig McDearmid) and bass on Fear Of The Public Square (by Jez Stephenson). Professional videos produced, directed, animated and edited by Railinz for Farfetched productions.

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