Pete Beat – The Rat Race – Day 6 / 6

Track 11: The Exotic Dancer

A song about falling in love with an exotic dancer…

You can hear the track here:

Pete Beat – The Exotic Dancer

Lyrics and chords are here.

Track 12: Evergreen

The final track, a song about life and losing loved ones… and the reassuring philosophy of time which means we never really die.

Have a listen to the track:

Pete Beat – Evergreen

Lyrics and chords are here. Some outline sheet music here, and also sheet music for the string and woodwind parts.

Here’s a little live performance video. This is a real performance but you might notice I knocked a little bit on the piano down an octave in post production as it sounded too high:

Download links:

The end of the road… thanks for joining me…

Final thoughts.

Now if you would like a memento of the album, after listening to it all, there are 100 limited edition individually numbered CDs for sale, as well as shot glasses which are available in a small number. If you made a little purchase I would be eternally grateful, I’ll sign anything you want too, just let me know. Free stickers with every purchase while stocks last.

The CD is available here.

Thanks for joining me by listening to this album, and much love 💖

Pete Beat

Small print

The Rat Race album – written and produced by Pete Beat. Performed by Pete Beat except electric guitar on Talent, some guitars on Cover That Arse (both by Craig McDearmid) and bass on Fear Of The Public Square (by Jez Stephenson). Professional videos produced, directed, animated and edited by Railinz for Farfetched productions.

© 2019 Pete Beat. All Rights Reserved.

Cover artwork based on photo Factory by Joost Markernink licensed under the Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution.