“Pete Beat made the most charming record of last week, if not the entire year”

Tom Robinson – BBC 6Music

“What his bio doesn’t tell you is that Pete is a songwriting genius.”

Steve Harris, Fresh on the Net

Pete Beat and Amy Ash

Weekend Break

The new track 20 years in the making, listen now and embrace the light and dark… listening links here

From the new album…

Another Galaxy

The opening track from my forthcoming 4th album The Strange Museum. This track is about being unable to solve other people’s problems for them…

About Pete Beat

Homesick Night

As well as writing and producing all my music, I also make videos using the free 3d software Blender. Here’s one I made for my song Homesick Night, a song from my 3rd album.

Come backstage and get some goodies…

20 years in the making


I started making this track in the early 2000s. It went through several versions before I was happy with it. It’s on my 2nd album Nothing Is Perfect.

You can play a browser game I made to explore the album and some strange experiences I had, and get free downloads and lyrics.

A live performance…


A live performance of a sad song from my 1st album. I think most people have lost a loved one and thought about this…

Exclusive content, interviews, available…

From my Forever EP

Do You Really Want To Live Forever?

This one was “Single of the Month” in The Crack magazine in 2017 when it came out! It’s steadily picked up YouTube views over the last few years… always been one of my favourites, and the most popular of my tracks!