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Press Photos

2023 Press photos (including the one above) – Victoria Wai

Before The War portrait photo – Jay Dawson

Music & Videos

Music written, performed and produced by Pete Beat, except where stated below. Videos made by Pete Beat, except where stated below.

Hours & Hours

Cover image “a postcard from my favourite club in Tokyo” by Jenny Ondioline licensed under the  Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution.

The Rat Race

The Rat Race album – written and produced by Pete Beat. Performed by Pete Beat except electric guitar on Talent, some guitars on Cover That Arse (both by  Craig McDearmid) and bass on Fear Of The Public Square (by  Jez Stephenson). Talent video and interviews produced, directed, animated and edited by  Railinz for Farfetched productions.

© 2019-2023 Pete Beat. All Rights Reserved.

Cover artwork based on photo     Factory by Joost Markernink licensed under the  Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution.

Nothing Is Perfect

Cover image Wires by James Loesch https://flic.kr/p/o7D9LM licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution

Before The War

Cover photo by Jay Dawson

Forever EP

Cover image “Galactic Cluster” by Elmo Love goo.gl/LP3N68 licensed under the  Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution

Meant To Be EP

Cover artwork photo “The Underground” by Jake Stimpson. Image cropped and text added. Licensed under  Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution

Doctor Doctor EP

Cover photo by Stephen Armstrong